Kabratribe followers are responsible for all creatures on our planet and other planets. Whether it is a human, animal, tree, or other species. This responsibility also includes mountains, seas, forests, and air.

Entry is possible for everyone if they accept the tribe’s constitution.

Followers are the body of the kabratribe. That’s why members are responsible for each other mental and physical health..

Anyone who believes in the constitution of the Kabratribe and follows them is a Kabi.

The tribe has no borders and speaks all the languages ​​of the world.

Tribal gatherings can be held at any time and by any member of the tribe, taking into account that the constitution of the tribe and tribal customs are followed.

Kabratribe Constitution:

  1. Participate in tribal gatherings
  2. Taking care of members
  3. Responsible to the body of the tribe
  4. Doing sport and body movement
  5. Participate in tribal gatherings

KabraTribe Etiquette:

  • Welcome newcomers.
  • If someone approaches us or our group, we would stop talking and would greet him and ask about his condition. (If the group is large, the people closest to the newcomer should say hello and propose questions)
  • Meetings are usually recommended standing or sitting on the floor.
  • Anyone who has a request from others should attach it to their chest.

Real Kabi:

  • The real Kabi is someone who provides places for tribal gatherings.
  • The real Kabi is the one who manages gatherings.
  • The real Kabi is someone who provides food for the gathering.
  • The real Kabi is the one who plans the tribal dances.
  • The real Kabi is the one who manages tribal sport.
  • Real Kabi is someone who plans gatherings in nature.
  • The real Kabi is the one who takes care of nature and animals.
  • A real Kabi is someone who approaches newcomers and greet them.